Our Solutions

We offer solutions including BYOD, distance learning, file access, classroom management and control, Single Sign-On, workspace aggregation, and virtual training and training analytics. Our products solve classroom, consumer and corporate challenges.

We're expanding and evolving

Our shared journey started three decades ago, our partnership three years ago. Now, we’re one, anchored with a shared passion for pioneering technology that influences the world positively, both for today and in the future.

This aligned mission is embedded in our history, employees and culture. It inspires our products, and is why we are changing how our customers conduct business and collaborate with users. It’s why we strive to provide solutions for connectivity and convenience, flexibility and freedom, simplicity and security.

Focusing forward, our goal is to harness our energy to innovate as our world and users do. To be an industry catalyst boldly exploring and embracing tomorrow’s technology. To never stand still.

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ISTE 2017

San Antonio, TX

Jun 25 - Jun 28