Virtual Classroom Tips: Lessons from the 2017 Online Learning Conference

Ah, New Orleans. It’s the ideal center stage for jazz bands, beignets and, well… deep-dive discussions on the latest in online training.

For four days, more than 400 training professional converged at the heart of The Big Easy for certification programs, hands-on clinics and back-to-back breakout sessions on the most pressing issues facing online facilitators today. Suffice it to say there was a lot of excitement around Training Magazine’s annual Online Learning Conference (OLC).

So of course, AirClass had to be a sponsor. Invite folks to parade with a brass band? Arrange for attendees to sample creole cuisine on a steamboat? Absolutely. Especially when it comes with an agenda led by many of the industry’s brightest minds and biggest innovators.

We learned a lot, and we’re excited to share our team’s biggest takeaways from the conference.

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Two Keys for Successful Virtual Training: Interactive Design + Engaging Delivery

When was the last time someone left your virtual training class and said: “That was the best class I’ve ever attended!” Or someone asked, “When can we do this again because it was a great way to learn?”

My hope is that you hear these comments on a regular basis. But if your virtual training is like most, then you are more likely to hear nothing at all.

How can you elevate your virtual training and make sure it’s successful? Through interactive design and effective delivery.

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How Sarasota County Schools Transformed Classroom Learning with LanSchool

What happened the last time you experienced a software issue? Did you submit a support ticket and wait as your request for assistance made its way up the queue?

Or did an actual developer get on the phone with you and rewrite custom code?

For Ray Ebersole, that’s exactly what happened during his early days of working with LanSchool.

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Are VDI and DaaS Killing Your Flexible Workspace Vision?

Is your company struggling to transition to flexible workspaces? If so, you’re far from alone.

As businesses realize the bottom-line benefits of remote work, agile office spaces and choose your own device (CYOD) policies, IT has a growing burden to control access and extend apps, data and files beyond the cubicles, company-owned devices and networks they’re used to.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) address some of the anytime anywhere burden, but they’re not without their own significant limitations.

Here’s what I’ve learned from talking to customers about their flexible workplace visions:

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How Hersha Hospitality Management Saves Big with Lenovo Unified Workspace

One of the world’s leading hospitality investment firms found the key to integrating hotels faster and at lower costs in a somewhat surprising place.

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