Can Working Remotely Improve Creativity? These 5 Ideas Prove It Can.

Here are 5 ways working remotely improves creativity and charge your team’s creative batteries.

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It’s Time to Embrace Digital Collaboration in the Classroom. Here’s Why

It’s official: Technology has been cast in a leading role at schools, and it’s taking center stage—according to your students, that is.

Many children are using smartphones and tablets before age 2. By the time they’ve reached third grade, 90% of students regularly spend time online. More than 8 in 10 high schoolers have access to mobile phones, and college students have admitted to spending 20% of classroom time using digital devices...often for activities unrelated to class.

In school districts around the world, the debates abound. Should students be encouraged to leverage smartphones when discussing literature, as they are in some Boston area high schools? Or be banned from using them altogether, as many UK students are?

Or is it time to write a new script altogether—one that embraces the presence of technology in schools as an opportunity to enhance collaborative learning?

In a growing number of classrooms, teachers are choosing the latter and discovering new ways to improve outcomes with educational apps and tools.  

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Lenovo Confirms Commitment to Education with Updated Notebook Offerings

On the eve of the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) and the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) show, two of the world’s leading education technology events, Lenovo is confirming its commitment to technology leadership in education for students and education institutions by announcing updates to its notebook offerings.

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How Lenovo Software Used Virtual Reality to Increase Leads 350% at Gartner Symposium

Using virtual reality in marketing, Lenovo Software discovered a way to more than triple marketing leads for Unified Workspace at the 2016 Gartner Symposium.

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Workspace Aggregators and the Future of IT Management

Why should companies future-proof IT Managment? Are Work Aggregators the answer?  Join Coby Gurr, Director of Product Management as we discuss this hot topic.

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