Voice of the Customer: We’re Helping You Do Great Things with Lenovo Software

Sal Patalano, Chief Revenue Officer, Lenovo Software

Lenovo Software customers: Have you met a member of Lea Ann Troiano’s team? If not, you will. And you’re in for a treat. Troiano and her staff are not only experienced and smart but also incredibly passionate about helping you get as much as possible out of Unified Workspace, LanSchool, and AirClass.

Enter Troiano. (See profile below.) She joined Lenovo Software to head up our new customer success team, which we couldn’t be more excited about.  In our effort to improve your experience, we wanted to make you aware of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Our small-but-strong battalion of customer experience specialists is gearing up to equip you with an arsenal of tools to deliver better outcomes — ones you can use to exceed your goals for Lenovo Software. Whether it’s at work or in the classroom, we’ll be working to ensure you have everything you need to be successful.

In the coming months, Be on the lookout for:

  • Best practices from companies achieving great things through Unified Workspace, LanSchool, and AirClass
  • Use cases to showcase how you can get even more from your software
  • Case studies to highlight results that you, too, can achieve
  • Informative, workshop-style webinars with action plans for getting as much as possible out of Lenovo Software solutions
  • Newsletters that’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest updates, enhancements, and news

 These and other data-backed resources are laser-focused on what you need to be successful… based 100% on your support calls, questions, survey feedback and more.

And if the going ever gets tough, you can count on our customer success team to be by your side — whether that means onboarding a new manager, physically joining you on-site to roll out new software to your user base or working one-on-one to take your use of Lenovo Software to the next level. We are your voice inside Lenovo Software.

So, without further ado, we’d like to officially introduce you to our extraordinary team of customer success specialists.


Lea Ann Troiano, Customer Success Team Manager

Lea Ann joined Lenovo Software after heading up customer care, service and implementation efforts at AT&T for nearly two decades.

Connect with Lea Ann on LinkedIn.

Brock Elliot, Customer Success Representative

Brock has been assisting customers in various capacities for years and has embraced new technology to deepen relationships with customers.  We're very excited to have him on our team.

Connect with Brock on LinkedIn.

Lee Hackney, Customer Success Representative

Lee came to Lenovo Software after working in a wide array of industries, where her passion for truly outstanding customer service has made a difference for countless companies and individuals.

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Roxanne Winbourne, Customer Success Representative

Customer satisfaction, customer relationships, customer support, helping customers reach goals...these roles and others like them have long defined Winbourne’s career.

Connect with Roxanne on LinkedIn.

Any questions? Just ask! Suffice it to say that the team is looking forward to connecting with you.