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Get more out of Chromebooks in your classroom than you ever dreamed possible.

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Technology-based learning can be tricky. LanSchool makes it easier.

Connected classrooms: So much promise.
So many distractions.

LanSchool for Chromebooks keeps students on task in a safe online environment. Our flexible classroom management platform is packed with features to focus learning and monitor progress.

  • View all student screens with live Thumbnail Monitoring
  • Blank screens and lock keyboards when lessons start
  • Run the same URL on all devices in a single click
  • Showcase students’ work by sharing their screens
  • Use group chat and private messaging to assist students

Available in 14 languages. Works on all versions of Chrome.

If they're behind on a project, we can see it and can go out there and help them. Lauren Nesbit, Library Media Specialist, Westlake High

Stress Less. Teach More.

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Everyone Loves LanSchool

Teachers, administrators and tech teams alike

LanSchool can be deployed in a day, is light on network bandwidth and allows IT to remotely manage devices for greater security. Harnessing the teaching power of technology has never been easier whether it’s on 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks.

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The only classroom management software you need

Use LanSchool for Chromebooks to keep students:

Chromebook focused


LanSchool lets you monitor progress in real time with thumbnail views of each and every screen. You can send a private message when students need assistance, launch the same website on all Chromebooks at once or blank student screens so all eyes focus to the front of the classroom.

Chromebook engaged


Have an example you’re eager to showcase?
Simply select the student’s screen to share it with the class.

Want everyone to watch the same video without network delays?
Use a single command to run it on all devices simultaneously. Your students will see shared media instantly at turbo speed.

Chromebook safe


LanSchool instantly transforms your Chromebook-centered classroom into a safe, secure learning environment. You can limit internet access to approved websites while class is in session and monitor history at any time.

The show student screen really is useful when one student in particular is doing something fabulous. Christina Graves, Library Media Specialist, Hillcrest High School

It’s easy on IT, too

The LanSchool tech console puts IT in complete control over data and diagnostics. Devices can be configured via the Chrome Admin Panel, with end user installs and application updates executed remotely. Support is easy to provide through remote control and chat, and comprehensive reports on technology use and device activity are always available.

LanSchool has transformed how we use Chromebooks in all of our classrooms. Chris Parker, Technology Coordinator, Gateway Regional School District

Discover why more than 12 million users
rely on LanSchool.

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