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A Glance at Unified Workspace

Unified Workspace manages and orchestrates delivery of IT services through the web, including SSO, password management, remote access, reporting and management, remote file access and security. It provides bimodal deployment, unifying global business operations as users expect to engage regardless of time, location or device.

A BiModal Solution

Over the next two-to-five years, workspace aggregation is predicted to shift how IT redefines portfolio management—it’s becoming a must-have. Unified Workspace eliminates BYOD challenges associated with the proliferation of new devices, mobile applications and Internet of Things. By employing a bimodal strategy, IT can embrace new technology while still streamlining enterprise-level cloud management.


A Better Security Strategy

In today’s market, IT has to earn trust and reimagine end users as customers. Unified Workspace accomplishes this by granting users access without compromising the network. It provides secure end-to-end access with a unique, two-tier architecture (server/relay), making it easy to move IT services and applications into the data center or to end users. Encryption, pipeline technology and multifactor authentication methods provide additional context-aware security without sacrificing convenience.

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