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Assemble your VR Headset

Uw vr step 1

Volume Up or
Headphones In

Uw vr headphone    Uw vr sound

Tap the Goggles icon after you launch the video in YouTube

Uw vr step 4


Once the video starts put your phone into your headset

Uw vr step 5


Is the video blurry?

  1. The experience looks best when your device is connected to wifi
  2. Set the quality of the video to the highest level before playback.

No Goggles Icon?

  1. Are you using the most up to date YouTube app?
  2. Make sure you're viewing the VR video in the YouTube app, not in a browser
  3. If clicking the button didn't launch the YouTube app, you can launch the YouTube app on your phone and search “Lenovo Unified Workspace Virtual Reality”

Don't have a VR headset?

Send an email with your name, company, address and phone number to JoAnna Alphin at jalphin@lenovo.com – we'll send you one!