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For pricing or quotes call 888-473-9485 or email sales@lenovosoftware.com.

webRDP products are fulfilled electronically within one business day. Download instructions and login information will be sent to the email address on the orders.


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To order with a PO, include the following information:

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Please fax or email the purchase order to 866-596-2088 or orders@lenovosoftware.com.


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Please email orders@lenovosoftware.com

Stoneware is required to charge state (and potentially local) sales taxes where applicable on products and services.

If you qualify for state "tax exempt" status given the nature of your organization, please forward your tax exempt certificate or resale tax exempt certificate to Gwyn Burden at gburden@stone-ware.com or fax to 866-596-2088 so we can note this status in our systems. Please contact your state department of revenue should you have any questions regarding your ability to qualify for tax exempt status. We are not able to provide that type of information for you given that states have varying specific requirements. Without proper state tax exempt status documentation we will be required to charge taxes. If you have any questions regarding state taxes or tax exempt status please contact Gwyn Burden at gburden@stone-ware.com .

Because we offer a trial version of the software that allows you to try before you buy, all sales of webRDP software are final.

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